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Install-Uninstall for Android: Ultimate Installer and Uninstaller for Android apps and apk files!

Install-Uninstall for Android allows you to Install Apk file(s) or Uninstall any existing App(s) from your Android device, all with a single click.

No need for two different apps - Install-Uninstall for Android does it all!

Application features:

- Installer: Install single or multiple (batch) APK files (browse to file or search for it).

- Uninstaller: Uninstall any app from your device (multi batch file uninstalling is supported)

- Auto Discovery Mode - Search & Display all Apps or Apk files on your device

- Searching By Name: Search all Apps on your device by name for easy uninstall

- Sorting: By Name (A-Z, Z-A), Size (Small to Large, Large to Small) and Date (New to Old, Old to New)

Keyword Note:

Our tool allows you to install apk and uninstall apps. Basically it's an installer for apk files (apk install - apk installer - apk file install) and uninstaller for any installed app on your droid device.

It really simplifies apk android install process and allows you to install apk to any android device(s).

All of us who tried to install apk file on a droid device, desire to know how to go about it easily. We know we can download apk file (files) with contained app (application, apps) from a third party market (or the one you've received by email or downloaded from appbrain) and place it on your phone (card, sd card) or connect remotely to it through (mod, pc or linux/windows computer terminal and adb), but what do we do then? It's easy, use our tool, it'll let you install apk on any Android device (htc, samsung, nexus, etc.). Our app reduces this quite complicated process to a single click. Without a good apk installer for android, this wouldn't be possible, it'd be a tedious manual task (requiring root and superuser, shell, adb etc.), and you'd probably get a lot of errors in the process. But it doesn't end there. Our tool also lets you uninstall existing app (apps) on android devices (really - any app, even those not downloaded from Google Play store and system apps), without using complicated default android process.


Note: Our app is a perfect companion to following Android apps we highly recommend to install on your device:

AppGarden, avast!, aDownloader, Auto Memory Manager, Beautiful Widgets, Maxthon, History Eraser Pro, Juicedefender, Nova Launcher Prime, Lookout Premium for Android, Speed Test, OnLive, Opera Mini, SwiftKey Keyboard, Tasker, Amped Wireless Wi-Fi Analytics Tool, X-plore, BaconReader for Reddit, Flipboard, StumbleUpon, OverDrive Media Console, SoundHound, WebMD,...

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Aurich Laura 5 years ago

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excelente y muy practica

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